Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Using the Topoi

In place of Friday's class (12pm only), please take a look at the resource we've just created to teach "the topoi," an ancient tool for developing your ideas.

You'll find the resources here. Please watch all of the videos.

For now, focus on what the topoi are and how they might help you with this assignment or another one. Post your feedback on the tools as comments to this blog post. We'll discuss "the topoi" further in class.

Here is the site:
The USC Topoi Pageflakes

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Changing World of Publishing

(Updated 9/11/08) If you missed the talks on Monday (or if you left early), come on over to Writer Response Theory where I have posted my notes.

The talk was an introduction to some of the changes in publishing modes and in what Hayles called Digital Scholarship.

But in the meantime, go explore the following sites that were discussed in the talk:

Vectors: USC's multimedia Journal. Make sure you go in and look at the articles inside.
One of my favorites is here: Blue Velvet

Encyclopedia of Egyptology
Write your reactions as comments on this post.